8 April 2009


* 4 winners have been announced! See end of post! The extra draw has now been done!
The big day has arrived! Today, Wednesday 8th, and tomorrow, Thursday 9th, I am drawing the winners to my blogaversary giveaway.

I'm sure you are all wondering what the rules were to enter, and if you have managed to gain an entry. LOL
Some of you went to extreme measures with poems and head turning compliments in the hope of winning. I did note that not one of you offered a bribe. :)

Just to be fair, I made up the rules before I announced the giveaway.
There will be 3 seperate giveaways. Yes, 3!

The first giveaway winner will be given time to choose one of the following, the second giveaway winner will then have time to choose, and finally, the third giveaway winner will choose.
If you don't get back to me before the next giveaway, you won't miss out. It just means you might have to choose out of turn.

Just to be fair to all winners, I have listed more than 3 choices. (The left over items will go back in my pressie box for another time)

a beaded lingerie bag and fragrant sachet - Lyn has chosen this, so sorry ladies, it is now out of the running!

a new Spring Up Quilt pattern
a FQ of rose fabric and a little notebook
Cute cat print fabric plus chocolate - Retired Dairy Queen has chosen this one.
Dark green FQ plus a leftover piece from a quilt (22" by 60")
Green and brown/green Fairy Frost FQs - Dorothy has chosen this one.
3 Lecien FQs - Julia chose these.
(actually paler and 'older' looking than the colour that appears on my monitor)
So, here we go!
The first giveaway was to reward one my public followers, as listed on the sidebar. The names of all 29 were written out and put into a hat.
Drum roll....and the winner of the first giveaway is.......
Email me with your choice, before 10am Thursday, please, Dorothy. After 10, the next winner gets to pick.
Stay tuned everyone. I will announce another winner tomorrow after 10am.
It is now after 10am Thursday. I haven't heard from Dorothy yet, so the new winner might still get first choice.
For the second giveaway, I decided to reward someone who has posted a comment any time during the last 2 years!
I fed the number of posts into the random number generator (187 posts in all) and it came up with post number 164. I counted this from the beginning of my posts, and this is the post:
I then fed the number of comments into the generator, and it came back with comment number One!
It is your turn to choose something, Julia. The next draw will be at 9 pm tonight (Thursday night).
For the third giveaway, I had decided that anyone who mentioned monkeys in their comment would go in that draw. 5 of you did that and the winner is.......
Choose your prize, Lyn. BTW, the other 2 haven't been in touch yet, so who will get to choose first?
For the Fourth (and bonus) draw, I simply put all the congratulatory comments in a hat, and drew out one name.
And that name was.................................................
So now it's your turn to choose something, RTD!
Thanks for playing everyone. I hope you have enjoyed the game. I certainly have!
ooh this is fun! Y


  1. Oh, Lindi - I seem to be behind the times! Never mind, Happy Easter to you and yours!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  2. I am totally confused, which is not unusual.
    So just send anything lol.
    btw could I buy the book from you please. Then you can buy something else to put in your pressie box.

  3. OK Sheila. You can buy it off me. I'll find something else to add to the list. vbg

  4. Does that mean if I'd offered a bribe I might have been one of the very lucky winners
    Seriously all the gifts are lovely and you are being very generous

  5. Oh Lindi
    How exciting The last thing I expected was to see my name there. I never win anything

  6. How exciting Lindi! I never win anything.
    Thank you. All the gifts are wonderful. It's hard to choose.

  7. Anonymous13/4/09 22:08

    Dear Lindi, I am stoked that I was able to win the lingerie bag....just what I need for my hosiery..Thank you very much for the chance to win and your generosity..Warm Regards Lyn

  8. oh Lindi, what a surprise...I choose the 3 Lecien FQs...they look like they would fit in with my 1930's apple core...
    Thank you so much!
    Julia ♥

  9. Just enjoyed looking at your blog tonight....Maine