10 July 2007

Post Newcastle Storm

Well, Newcastle appears to be almost back to normal after the storms and flooding. Of course, there are a lot of people still suffering and trying to get back to normal, but unless you know them, they aren't so obvious any more.
2 who were affected, were my son and his girlfriend, their puppy and bird. Their flat was flooded as well as having rain come in through the roof, and is now totally uninhabitable. The walls were so wet, the plaster became soft enough to leave hand imprints, and the ceiling was sagging!
They lost all their large furniture (sodden, muddy and stinking with mildew by the time they could get back to clean up) and quite a lot of other stuff. The salvagable stuff was loaded up and brought back to my place to be cleaned and dried.
They are now living here until they can find another flat! We are all very crowded and I no longer have anywhere to sew, so no quilting for a while.
Here are some pics of their stuff dumped in our loungeroom until it could be sorted and fitted in somewhere.

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