5 September 2013

2 Finishes!

 I have been a busy girl. :)

These 2 quilts came back from the quilter (Ruth at Stitched and Bound Machine Quilting Service) towards the end of July, but I have only just launched into binding them this week. It has been so relaxing, sitting near the window in the Spring sun, stitching happily.

The first one finished is "Fandango"  ( 73" x 73" ) made from a Kate Spain Layer Cake.

I selected feature squares, cut some others in 2 and some into 4, then stitched the blocks as if they were the first round of log cabins, with one side being a half and quarter stitched together.
Ruth quilted this one with a lovely circular feather style, that makes this quilt lovely and snuggly.



The second one completed is "Nana's 1950s Kitchen"  ( 40" x 50" ) made using a selection of Henry Glass fabrics from the Knock Knock range. The blocks are log cabin blocks.

The fabrics instantly appealed, reminding me of my Grandmother's kitchen when I was a little girl. Each cupboard door was painted a different colour, the shelf above the fireplace had bright multicoloured canisters, the egg cups were bright colours, as were the anodised beakers, and the coffee percolator. Strong, bright, cheery colours! My favourite door was the turquoise one. :)

Nana's 1950s Kitchen

Ruth quilted this with a lovely simplistic flower in the same turquoise as the border and she found this cheery quilt backing to go with the whole look. :)


I tried a new binding method for these quilts and found it really wonderful. Lovely crisp, mitred corners done on the machine! Linda, of Flourishing Palms has made a very clear tutorial, which you can find here. Give them a try next time you bind.


31 August 2013

Block 2 of Daisy Days

Tuesdaisy is finally finished, along with 2 pieced blocks. I'm really loving doing these stitcheries. Wednesdaisy is almost done and I received Thursdaisy the other day. :)
I love the little bits of detail Jenny includes. How cute are those little snails?


9 June 2013

Daisy Days

First stitchery for the Daisy Days quilt finished and fabric selected! :D I am really enjoying this BOM (thank you Jenny Elefantz) and can hardly wait for the next one to arrive!

The fabric I am using is from Bonnie and Camille's 'Marmalade' collection. I have a jelly roll and some FQ so they will be just perfect. I will probably add a couple of 'outsiders' to the mix just to add a little more variety. Not sure exactly what yet. Will wait and see as it takes shape.

The stitchery is being done on a lovely cotton/linen blend fabric - beautiful to work with - and uses the usual 2 threads.

I'm going with an emphasis on the aqua blue. I'm thinking it will go well hanging in my sewing room (if I have enough wall space when I am finished lol)

So you want pics, I suppose? :) .............. ok......... but keep in mind that the stitching is not perfect (my hand still has some issues holding a needle and getting it to do what I want) ........


24 May 2013

Daisy Days BOM

photo copyright of Jenny Elefantz

I have just subscribed to Jenny Elefantz's Daisy Days Block of the Month. I am so looking forward to doing this one. I have watched the progress of it being developed and just knew it was for me.
Check out Jenny's blog and see what I am talking about, then if you like it, be tempted, too. :)
This is just one of the stitcheries I fell in love with:

photo copyright of Jenny Elefantz

Jenny is offering 3 ways to pay: Subscribe via paypal and get a block per month for 8 months (pdf) discounted price; buy the pdf  each month from her etsy store ; or buy a monthly paper pattern from her etsy store. Anyhoo, all that info is on her blog.

Jenny has also set up a blog for BOMers to subscribe to, with hints and tips and progress pics. There is a link button over there in the right hand column up the top if you want to check it out.

So go on, what are you waiting for? ;)


*Permission to use photos from Jenny's blog was obtained before use. :)

12 May 2013

Moving in....

All last week, I slowly and methodically moved things back into my sewing room. Furniture first, then Stakka Drawers, then other stuffs as I found places for it. :)
We have angled the 4 lights, but adjustments may occur as I start using the areas and change my mind. I have a free standing Arial Ott-Lite as well, so it can always fill in if I need more light.

This is the wall to the right of the door, which is in the corner on this wall to the right of this pic. This is my cutting out table. I do hope to replace it with a slightly larger table one day, but as yet, I haven't found one that meets all requirements. This one is an old Teacher's Desk which I waxed many years ago.
The bookcase is on the next wall. It stocks completed toppers on the bottom shelf, electrical gadgets, paints and pencils, pens, glue, catalogues, etc. My ipod and speakers sit on top.

 This is the next wall (with the previous mentioned bookcase). I have this table coming out from the window with my back to the wall, which will be my design wall. You can just see a glimpse of a large basket with some of my WIPS trying to hide in the bottom right corner. :) I have another crate plus a big zip quilt carry bag with more. Some of them used to be UFOs, but I've decided I am not having UFOs any more, just WIPS!

This table runs along the window, butting against the previous one. All my threads are in the 2 smaller drawer stacks and fabric in the larger one. I want better quality drawers for my threads, so that is on my  
 "to get"  list.
The Stakka drawers underneath the table contain part of my fabric stash. You may have noticed my cutting table had Stakka drawers, too. Yes, they also contain fabric, as do the 9 under the other table. :)

This is the 4th wall (the one the door opens against). Here, I have a slightly larger bookcase with pretty boxes of ribbons, buttons, velvet, habby things etc, etc, etc.
Behind the door, I have several hooks from which hang skirt hangers holding large ziplock bags with various things like iron on interfacing, avalon, tivek, fast to fuse etc. It's a system that works well for me.

A close-up of 9 of my Stakka drawers under one table. I have 26 FULL drawers in total, but it isn't nearly enough! Currently, I have the lounge piled high with more fabric that is still homeless. I also have a dining table loaded with odds and ends that are yet to be sorted as well as 8 cardboard boxes of (mainly) fabrics for garment construction, a box of backing fabric, and another 5 boxes with more odds and ends for fibre art. I have no idea where it will all go. I certainly don't want it coming into my nice, neat, spacious room!  LOL

I have yet to decorate the walls with wall hangings etc, but that will have to wait until I have sorted out my lounge room and dining room. ;)

What's your sewing area like? Care to post some photos on your blog? If you do, leave a comment here with a link and I'll mention you in a post. I'd love to see what you do with your area and how you organise things.


6 May 2013

Ready to Move In!

My sewing room is finished! Yay \o/

New paint on the walls ( do you like the aqua blue?), ceiling given a coat of white to freshen it up......

and a new light fitting with 4 lights that I can angle so that light is directed exactly where I need it. :) I'll adjust them once the furniture is in.

We did an undercoat of white on the walls first, to block out the previous colour, but to also see what I thought of white. Sorry all you white voters, but it really didn't do anything for me, with that carpet. It just looked blah.
While we were making changes, we also put in a double power point, so now I have one for my power board and one for "other" use.
I wish I was putting new white furniture in, but I'll have to make do with my old stuff, as it's still in fairly good condition. It's a light beech laminate, so will still tie in nicely.

Stay tuned for progress as I move things back in. I'm taking my time with that, because I want everything to have a place. Nothing goes in until it does! (We'll see how long that lasts! LOL)

18 April 2013

Variety is the spice of quilting!

There's nothing like a little variety in a girl's life! And this gal likes colour and more colour and different projects! 
These are the projects I'm currently working on, and I don't mean shoved away working on, I mean there right out on the table and ALL worked on over the week!

My HAD9P quilt. (Half A*sed lol)
It's a variation of a Disappearing 9 Patch but with one cut, not two (hence the HA).
 I've used charm packs of Chicopee by Denyse Schmidt with some extra red leaf outline from the range.
Borders (from the range) are still to be added.

This top is complete.
It is a mix of single squares, 4 patch and 9 patch squares and all fabrics are from my stash.
It is just waiting to be sandwiched and quilted.

Drunkards Path Blocks in batiks.
I need to decide layout.

Some gorgeous fabrics I bought from Kate Quilts.
It is from Surface Art Fabric, plus some Kona solids. (Love those Kona solids!)
I have started putting pieces together, so this has progressed further than the photo.
This is my first real venture into "modern" quilts and I am designing it myself.

A rather blurry image of a block - one of 12 - from a precut pack.
I have bought fabric to do borders and I'm currently sewing the first border.
Fabric is "Knock Knock" by Henry Glass
For some reason, it reminds me of my Grandmother's kitchen in the late 50s/early 60s.
It makes my heart sing!

Do you have several projects on the go at the same time? Or do you complete things before starting another?

Want to see what others are doing? There's heaps over at Freshly Pieced for WIP Wednesday!


17 April 2013

Tajine Cooking

In January, when Peter's of Kensington were having their annual sale, I spied this gorgeous blue Emile Henry Tagine (Tajine) at such a ridiculously low price, I grabbed it!
BEST decision I've made in a long while. :)

It cooks food so beautifully. Better than a casserole. Better than a slow cooker.

I also bought this book from Peter's, but it is available from Bookdepository dot com for about $14. Such delicious recipes! My mouth waters just reading the recipes and looking at the pictures. 
I am slowly working my way through the recipes.

This is the first dish I cooked - Lamb tagine with prunes, apricots and honey. 

Chicken tagine with Preserved Lemon and Olives
And tonights dish of Beef tagine with beetroot and oranges.

I think my favourite so far, is the Lamb with apricots and prunes. :)

I am also experimenting by using the tagine to cook other, more European in style, casserole dishes.

Do you have a favourite cooking utensil or a style of cooking? Do tell us about it. :)

11 April 2013

Winners :)

The first winner of my little giveaway (see post below) is:

 Retired Dairy Queen!    for her comment  "My goodness Time goes by so very quickly 
I seem to remember when No. 1 came along"      on the 17th March post "It's been THAT Long?" ...............
Send me an email, Dairy Queen, with your snail mail addy, and I will pop a little something in the mail next week.

The second winner has been drawn from the post "R & R: Reclaiming and Redecorating"..........
and the random number selector says  #7 which is Soozii who said Why not pale aqua on the red glow wall and the rest white to reflect the white. That would give you a nice accent wall but still give plenty of light (and walls to hang stuff on ... lol)

The third winner is #4 ...... Robyn G .... for her comment Lindi, I remember way back then too!
I started my blog in Nov of that same year and you were one of the very first to visit me and make me welcome :)  Happy Anniversary!!    on the post "Happy Birthday To My Blog (Almost!)"

The 4th winner is #3, commenting on the post "Beautiful Building Block Quilts" is......Catsmum ...with her comment:  haven't bought a quilt book in ages - this might need to be the one

And the final Winner, the BIG winner, on the post "Here we go, at last!" is .......................Random number selector chooses #1 ... Sally Westcott! 

Congratulations, Sally!

I still need a snail mail addy from Robyn G, then I can post a little something out to you, too. :)

Thanks for playing everyone!

Here we go, at last!

Things have been rather chaotic here, and unfortunately, my blog was waaay down on the list.

SO....back to celebrating my blogaversary and actually doing the giveaway.

Here's what's happening:
                                    Rather than one big giveaway, I'm doing several small ones, PLUS a slightly larger one, so more chances to get something. :). I have assembled a few nice FQs as well as some other little treats to pop in the post to my winners. .... ONE winner from the comments on EACH of this year's previous posts, then ONE (slightly bigger pressie) winner from this post. You can enter as many times as you like and if you win, you will still be eligible for other draws, if you have left comments.

I think that's pretty fair.  :)

I will begin drawing names for the previous posts, tonight, (after Mrs Brown's Boys!) and the winner from THIS post will be drawn on Sunday night (Australia time).

4 April 2013

Beautiful Building Block Quilts

Available from Book Depository, Amazon, or Lisa's website: Dyedheaven.com

Woohoo! My copy of Lisa Walton's new book arrived today from The Book Depository! I have been excitedly awaiting this since I pre-ordered last year, because I just knew it would be good. Lisa is such a wonderful and giving teacher, I figured the book would have to be worth the money.

And it doesn't disappoint! I can see me getting a lot of value out of it.

 Lisa not only has plenty of fun and fantastic quilt projects for you to follow, she also encourages you to play and experiment yourself. She leads you through enough theory to help you gain the confidence to go for it!

Her instructions are clear and easy to follow, with extra tips thrown in. Any level of quilter could follow them, and make these wonderful quilts, and progress to their own designs.

If you want to break away from traditional patterns but don't know where to start, this book is for you.
If you have reached a standstill in your creative journey, this book is for you, too.

Now, I just have to get my sewing room painted so I can play!


btw, don't forget my blogaversary is coming up. ALL comments on this year's posts will go in the draw!
More details to come. :)

29 March 2013

Happy B'day to my blog! (Almost)

On the 8th of April 2007, it was Easter, and I started this blog. Six years ago!

In that time, I have written 300 posts. (This is no. 301). Nowhere near as many as some bloggers, but still, that's almost 1 post per week.

I think that calls for a celebration! :)

So, in the next week, I'll be deciding what I will do. A giveaway seems in order, after all, everyone loves a giveaway!

I'll do some thinking over the weekend, and sometime next week, I'll tell you what I have in mind.

Stay Tuned!

Oh, and leave a comment on a recent post.......you never know......    ;)

28 March 2013

R & R: Reclaiming and Redecorating!

For the last 12 months, I have been evicted from my sewing room and all my stuff piled into the dining room, due to first my Son and family moving back from Tasmania and living here for 9 months, then my Daughter and family moving in for 3 months.
Now, finally, the room is empty! Yippee!
But I'm not moving in YET.
First, we are going to paint. :)
The room was a mid blue colour before I claimed it, and was just too overwhelming, so I painted it with some left over paint from our family room - a nice neutral shade (and I'm not normally a neutral gal, but this one is lovely). However, in the lower light room, it looked dingy, so I did a spongey wash kind of overpaint with white, that made it look very soft eggshelly. It's a nice effect.
But I'm tired of that! lol

We are doing a white coat first then doing the real paint job. But what colour? I've had lots of advice to go with white for the light, and I was seriously thinking to do that. But seeing the white go on the walls, it just says blah to me. I normally love white rooms, but their clarity is enhanced by the decor. This room is not really going to have "decor". Just work tables, bookcases and boxes!
My current thinking is to do a pale pale pale aqua blue -mixing blue for serenity and yellow for creativity!

What do you think? Stick with white for the light? or go the aqua? or something else?

You can vote over on the sidebar. If you choose other, I would love to know what colour you think, so please leave a comment. :)

This is the room ready for painting. It is a room in the middle of the house and looks out into the family room. I have a skylight to allow more light into the room. The red 'glow' on the wall is where a bed has been. The red flannelette sheets left a memory behind. :)


17 March 2013

It's been THAT long?

It's been a long time since I've posted anything here. Facebook has made it so easy to communicate across the miles, with so many of my friends. Pictures are easier to share, conversations can be short, sweet and frequent, no word verifiation! (which, unfortunately, I have had to put back on due to being "found" recently by spammers) and easier access from my phone.

In the four and a half months since the last post, I have finished only one quilt, although I have started several projects.

This is a play quilt for Master M to drag around and put inside his tepee:

Under the Sea

The munchkins have grown (my how they have grown!) Miss A is now 2 and Master M is well on the way towards 3. I'm still loving them to bits. :)