17 August 2007

Catching Up

Yes, i am still around. I've just been very busy. I am currently quilting a lap quilt for my Mum, catching up with making healing hearts (7 done and sent, 3 ready to go, and another 5 to make, and no, this is not a chore. I enjoy making them and sending them off.), experimenting with my first ATC, helping DS finish moving his stuff into his new flat, choosing carpet for the back room, getting tax returns done, and all the usual office and home front stuff!!!
The unfortunate thing is, i can't take pics because i keep forgetting to recharge my camera battery.
I will post pics of Mum's quilt when it's finished, though.

The carpet choosing is proving to be rather difficult. I love colour (who'd have guessed!) but we have sort of decided on a neutral colour because we are going to use the room for an office for the next 2 or 3 years, and then it will revert back to a family room. Trouble is, i don't know what style or colours i will want to use by then! But trying to choose a neutral (beige) is really hard for me. I want deep teal or plush burgundy or charcoal or..or..or.. I am definitely not a beige girl. I can appreciate it in other people's homes when the decor has been carefully thought out to provide interest, but not in mine. We'll see what happens...

Meanwhile, here's a painting my Great Nephew painted. I think he's done very well. Another future artist in the family?


  1. Lindi.. can understand the dithering with the carpet colour, its not something you replace every other year! Do what I do.. I got DH to pick the colour and organise its purchase.. then when I hate it, I can blame him! :O) (he did actually play it safe and got the same colour he got last time! LOL) Love Nemo too :O)

  2. If I did that, I would never get carpet!
    I've finally chosen one. Can't say it's what I'd love to put down, but it's the easiest to live with neutral I could find.