10 September 2007

Mum's Chemo Quilt

Mum is back on chemo, so while sitting with her, I finished hand stitching the binding of her lap quilt and I am pleased to say it is finished! I decided to practise quilting techniques on this quilt as the panel is a very "forgiving" print and I felt it would allow me to experiment and practise without showing my errors too obviously. Fortunately I was right! It doesn't show up in the pics, but I have quilted it to death with my trusty little Brother Ace III and a free motion foot. I've quilted around all the ladies, some stippled, others scribble quilting, some with flowers, etc. I also quilted the frames around them differently. I stippled the border. It was fun to do but very tiring on my back.
Mum loved it and the staff at the oncology unit all admired it. A couple of the patients were laughing and picking out which lady represented them. I think it has turned out to be a pretty good conversation piece.


  1. Lindi, your mother's quilt looks like such fun! Guaranteed to bring a smile to someone who's feeling below par. No wonder the hospital staff and patients loved it. Well done with the quilting - I'm still struggling to master domestic machine quilting.What was the panel you used called?

  2. The panel is by Lorelei Designs (Lorelei Harris) and is called "On the Mend". It features bald ladies, ladies with headscarves and ladies with hats.

  3. Just love the panel and wonder where I can purchase one.
    Your quilt looks amazing, congratulations.

  4. I purchased this panel (and a half) from the States via ebay, but I know some shops carry Lorelei Designs panels. Sorry I can't help further.

  5. Lindi
    I love your 'cheeki' pattern, very cute... I have a few of Wendi Dillons redwork patterns hanging around this house (it would have to be the same Wendi Dillon I would think).. good luck with the japanese fabric, you know, my stash of orientals is BREEDING I am convinced of it!