25 November 2007

Christmas is coming, ready or not!

Yes, it's true folks. Christmas is coming! YES!

I love Christmas and all that accompanies it..... shopping for that perfect present, the whispers and secrets that buzz around the house followed by the teasing ("I know what so and so has got for you"), the carols, especially Bing singing White Christmas, and those lovable Muppets singing carols with John Denver.

I love the Christmas cooking smells of fruit mince, pudding, egg nog and brandy custard, the shortbread and gingerbread.

The excitement and anticipation that is in the air everywhere. The big eyes on little children when they see Santa. The concentration on those little faces as they pick presents for Mum and Dad and Nana and Pa, and the thoughtfulness with which they choose gifts to put under the trees for children not as fortunate as themselves. The pleasure on their little faces as they begin their lesson on sharing, humanity and compassion.

I love the decorations, especially the simple, quiet, tasteful ones. The ones that remind me of decorations when I was a child and we would go driving around to see the trees lit up in the windows.

I love the sharing of family and love and laughter and the feeling that all is right in my world and is as it should be.

My wish for you this Christmas, dear reader, is that, no matter what your Christmases were like in the past, this one is filled with love and laughter, wonder and magic.


  1. Thank you for visiting my blog. I love the Christmas smells also. My favourite has to be Christmas Cake and Fruit Mince Pies. I'm with you 100% on your wish for Christmas 2007.

  2. g'day Lindi

    looks like the Griswalds have visited your blog.. I too have a father and just found out father in law with prostate cancer, so I think the ads must be working, both are early stages, so were very lucky!