16 December 2007

Christmas with Minka

This is Minka, Christmas 1994, when she was only about 18months old. She often climbed up the centre of the tree and wriggled out to the end of the branches to play with the ornaments! We always knew, because we had little bells in the tree, and we could hear them as she climbed.
We didn't have as many ornaments back then, as we do now!

This is Minka helping me this Christmas. Her idea of helping is to pounce on the ornaments, sit on the plastic bags of ribbons and holly, and dive into the boxes before I finish unpacking them!
She no longer climbs up into the tree, fortunately, as she is quite a bit bigger now. However, she does like to sit under the tree, especially when the lights are on, so we have to leave a space for her amongst the presents, so she has room to curl up.
She has her own stocking and Santa usually leaves a tin of good quality Red Salmon for her, as well as a new collar.
Spoilt cat!


  1. lol Minka's sister lives with me. She loves to sleep under the Christmas Tree too. Its strange how the decorations change over the years. Although one or two remain as old favourites

  2. That is so sweet how you save her a spot! I have a little dog that i love like that, too.

  3. It sounds like Minka was a mischevious kitten, but has mellowed a little as she gets older.