13 December 2007

Fabric Draw Winners!

6.35am and I'm ready to draw 3 names out of the hat. How shall I do this? Let's see...it's Christmas...I don't have the 3 Wise Men unpacked yet, but I did buy a lovely little Jim Shore Santa the other day...

Aha! Here's what I'll do...write each name on a little piece of paper...all 12 names...roll them into little balls...then throw them at Santa...the 3 that land the closest will be the winners!

My, how they bounce off Santa and bounce on the carpet! This is a great random way to get the winners!

And the winners are............

Di, AbbyKat (in New Zealand) and Jackie! Congratulations, ladies!

If you 3 ladies would like to email me at lindijanej at gmail dot com, I will post your fabric off to you.

Thanks for participating everyone. Keep an eye on my blog, you never know when I might get the urge to do this again! LOL


  1. oh lovely Santa I have been tempted to buy one of the Jim Shore pieces.

  2. Awesome - an early xmas pressie!! Thank you Santa for not being too harsh with my name!!

    Cheers .... Anne (NZ)

  3. Gee, Lindi, this is exciting! Christmas is early! Thank you very much. What a great idea - I must do something like this myself sometime. Happy Christmas to you :-)

  4. me again.... how come all your Santas are such handsome looking guys :))

  5. Carefully hand-picked! LOL

  6. Hi Lindi, I have finally made something out of the fabric which I won in your fabric giveaway. I have put pics up on my blog. Thank you heaps. Cheer Jackie