11 January 2008


This week's Scatterday is brought to you by the elastic letter E and the categories: White, Plant World, and Terrifying Things.

My first thought was to try and get a photo of a white ethereal, ectoplasmic, eidolon, or even an energumen, hanging from an elm, but that did not evolve.
My next thought was for an elemental subject: white electrons from an electric storm over the Eucalypts, but for once, no electrical storm!
No earthquake, no electric chair, no terrifying, white-faced enemy, eager to ensnare and enfetter me!

What was I to do?

I was eager to exert myself to encounter that single E photo.

Then Eureka! After much excogitation, this eclectic exhibit evolved:

On the exterior of an elongated, white envelope, I have executed in pen, an enormously enlarged epideictical image of the exotic Ebolavirus, copied from a photo of the virus as seen under an electron micrograph.
(It might not look terrifying here, but if Wikipedia is any endeixis, it will provide elucidation. No exaggeration, you would be terrified if Ebola suddenly became epidemic in your home environment!)

Forget about your plant derived Eucalyptus oil and other plant essential oil cures, forget about elecampagne and elderberry wine, and even forget about Erythromycin emulsion or tablets. They're not enough to stop it attacking the endothelial cells.

I have just read Cinzia's Scatterday post. It's a real hoot! You have to scroll down a bit, she posted early.


  1. Gollygoshgeewillikens... my head is spinning, my eyes can only see EEeeeee's and my brain is now Empty! LOL How do you do it Lindi, that is the question.

  2. My goodness me, do you eat Dictionaries at your home. I can see I have to improve my vocabulary. Well done, as usual.

  3. Trust me Pennie, my eyes and brain are in the same state as yours! LOL
    No, Sheila, we don't eat dictionaries, but I do consume the week's letter from my dictionary, once Michelle and Dy give it to us. I write down the words that interest me or that I think I can use and go from there.
    S and E took me nearly all week!
    If we are starting from scratch, i think I will have to give up on the one photo, lots of words thing. Takes up too much time! LOL

  4. Oh my giddy aunt! That was mind boggling - and clever as usual. I love what you do. Can't wait for you to deal with next week LOL

  5. Your encyclopedic efflorescence of Es has exhausted my elementary encephalon. I am emotionally enervated!

    This took me ages - how long does your blog take you?

  6. Im impressed, very impressed..