14 February 2008

Baby books

It all started with this:

I bought some delightful fabric based around the theme "There was an Old Lady who swallowed a fly". I haven't made it into a quilt yet, but I also bought a cloth book panel, which I did make up.

I then decided that it would be fairly easy to make books for babies using any theme fabric.
This is part of my first book.
I cut 8 by 6" squares, all different, for the inside, then I cut 2 by 61/2" squares for the inside of the cover. The cover was one piece 61/2" by 13". (The cover is slightly bigger than the inside pages, so that the pages don't show when closed.)
I worked out the order of the pages, stitched them down the centre in pairs, fused wadding to 2 of the 4 pairs, leaving a 1/4" free for stitching, then stitched a wadded piece to a non wadded piece, back to back, leaving a gap to turn them right way. (stitch gap by hand)
I did the same with the cover pieces.
I then placed the 2 double pages inside the cover, aligning the centre seams, and zigzagged the centre of the book, starting and finishing about an inch in from the edge.
Very simple and a great way to use up leftovers. They make great baby pesents.
You could also make them without the wadding, for an old fashioned rag book.

an inside spread
centre spread


  1. thats lovely Lindi. in your GrannyChest?

  2. You guessed it, Sheila! Although I'm informed it won't be for another 5 years. DD has been saying that for 3 years now. LOL