12 February 2008

My "new" baby

Isn't she beautiful?

She's a Singer Featherweight 221k made in Scotland in 1951. I have wanted one ever since I heard about them and saw them online about 10 months ago. It means cutting down on fabric spending for a while, but she's worth it, I think!
She came complete with carry box, manual, several bobbins, lots of different feet and even a buttonhole attachment.
I haven't named her yet. Something, apparently, that you have to do.

*sigh* She's beautiful! and she's mine!


  1. She is indeed gorgeous. Makes me want to stroke her. You're a lucky girl!

  2. LOL For one moment I thought your new baby was going to be another Gnome!!!!!!!!! or a cat or dog... very happy to see it's a dear little Featherweight and isn't she in good condition... lucky you :-) but I'm not going there I would never be able to buy just one and I think I have enough collections!
    Word Verification - rplon
    Ravishing Pennie Loves Orange Nylon... NOT!! LOL

  3. good things come from Scotland :)
    huge Ulsula quits exrcise classes every Saturday afternoon.

  4. How sure are you about the date Lindi?
    All the 1951 Singers are blue badged not gold as it was their centennary year.

    btw those gnomes have tagged me and it's ALL YOUR FAULT :]

  5. I'm only going by the serial number, Susan. It's an EH, which according to what I've found so far, was made in 1951. One source comments that some 1951 machines had the blue badge. It could possibly have been made in 1952, as the next serial number run is dated as 1953.

  6. I have just purchased one and its serial number is EG. No accessories or extra bobbins. I would actually like to know if it zigzags? does it have such a foot.
    I thoroughly love my machine so its nice to hear others love these treasures. I love in Durban, South Africa.
    Happy Sewing :)