15 March 2008


This week's Scatterday is brought to you by the Loveliest Letter in the Language of Labels!
The categories are: Round; Household items; and Tools.

I had previously decided that when L came around, I would somehow have a Little comp to celebrate, complete with a Lovely Little prize. After all, the nicest names start with L! (as does Laughter, which has a Lovely round sound to it, when applied properly, and should be a constant household item, and is often used as a tool for healing! LOL)

So imagine my delight, once started, in finding so many things that fit all 3 categories!
My criteria for the fit, was based on the definitions in my Chambers dictionary.
We all know 'round', and 'household' , but are you aware that 'tool' has a much broader meaning than what we generally refer to as tools?

A tool is "A working instrument, especially one used by hand".

Now that leaves quite a Large area to explore!
So, for my Little comp:

I have photographed several items, smudged some details, cropped some of them and presented them here for you to analyse. It is up to you to work out what their Labels are! Email me with your guesses, or leave a comment with them (comments have to be approved, so I will hold them for release รก la Di J) and the one with the most correct will be the winner!

Comp closes midnight Good Friday, and results released next Saturday! Remember, they all start with L!

N.B. Find the names of them.Labels was just an L word! Warning: some of them are tricky names! Just use your imagination. If it's not what name I've given it, it will still count if it is credible.


  1. oooo goody, a brain teaser! :-)

  2. am I trying to find labels or the names of the objects? some days I am really slow.

  3. Anonymous15/3/08 13:59

    Oh, too clever for me. I can pick some of them, but not close to all.

  4. Find the names of them, Cinzia. Labels was just an L word!
    Warning: some of them are tricky names! Just use your imagination. If it's not what name I've given it, it will still count if it is credible.

  5. La La La La Lots of fun ...

  6. Ok ... Here are my Labels, some I hope are Legitimate, other are probably quite Ludicrous:

    1st one looks like a measuring cylinder or 2, so I guess it is Laboratory glassware.

    A Lug nut I presume? or maybe a Lock nut?

    A Lettering/Labelmaking machine (aka "Dymo" machine)

    A Light, with a Light globe in it.

    hmmm ... I can see half of the brand name and it looks like a hose fitting thingy - maybe some kind of Laundry brush? or maybe a Long handle for a car washing brush or whatever?

    A Lens - I have looked at and through a Lot of those ;-)

    could that next one be a Liquidizer? or is it just a Lid? ... maybe on some Lipstick?

    hmmm ... next one looks a bit like a CD but I am not too sure - could it be some sort of Linux disk? or maybe it is some kind of Lettering doo dad?

    ah - Liquid paper?!

    and a Lead pencil.

    and a spirit Level.

    and a Lens? (looks a bit like a door peephole ... which is actually just a reducing Lens)

    cool - a Loofah!

    a speaker ... I guess it must be the Left one? (or the Low bass?)

    and a Little button ... could be a light switch for something ... or a button to Let the nurse know you need her? and it is also the Last photo ;-)

  7. Ok - I have just Left a Long List of Labels for those Lovely Little images - I hope they are all Legitimate but I think a few of them could be a Little Ludicrous. I guess you will eventually Let us know what they are ;-)

    btw - I want what you got for Christmas! (but I think DD would steal him!)
    ... and Odette is cute ... and hugry too!

  8. me again - my Lovely DH just came in here to tell me it was time to Leave to go and have dinner. He Looked at the Last picture and said it could be a Latch button.

  9. What fun but I will have to come back... Doc Martin is just about to start.

  10. Lindi, I love your poser for us! I will save it 'till I have more time, but it looks great fun!

  11. uh oh Lindi...
    Lissa Loves Leaving logs on bLOGS.. but this L think has her licked..
    1. lined beaker
    2. light fitting?? or lug??
    3. camera Lens
    4. flash LIGHT
    5. hmm a sabco lint roller??
    6. lens
    7. light fitting
    8. lino cutter disc?? buggered if I know this one! LOL
    9. Liquid paper pen
    10. line on a lead pencil
    11. spirit level
    12. light reflecting
    13. loofah
    14. hmm its a speaker, loud noise sender! haha
    15. some kinda button, maybe a light switch button that you push down and it slowly pops out???

    hows that for a guess!!! LOL

    Lounging Lovely Lissa
    I am surprised no one had a lounge on the few scatterday bloggies i been too.. I too slack, must start doing it again!

  12. well where are our answers? I think I worked out eight of them ... but then the dog ate the page

  13. Dy emailed me this list:

    Ooo you are an evil woman, I've been obsessed with this! :-)
    Ok, here's my try
    1. Liquid Level indicator
    2. Not one faintest idea!
    3. Label maker
    4. Light
    5. Lint Roller (Sabco)
    6. Lens (of your camera)
    7. hmm, not sure. I'm going to say (electrical) Lead (plug)
    8. This one is driving me mad. I swear it's a sanding disc or a disc
    brake pad. As I have to say an L answer I'm going to have to settle for Lid!
    9. Some sort of pen, I'm going to have to say Laundry marker because
    I can't think of another L pen
    10. Lead pencil
    11. (spirit) Level
    12. Ladle
    13. Loofah
    14. Loud speaker
    15. mmm not sure about this one. It looks like a push button door
    Lock, but then again it could be an old fashioned Loo button! I'll choose Lock

    Thanks for making things fun :-)