6 April 2008

Partying on

For those of you still here, partying on, there are plenty of leftovers, plus breakfast. Cereal is in the cupboard if you'd prefer, and make your own toast.

The diet coke was a special request from Pennie. I don't know how she can drink it in the mornings, though. Tea and coffee for me. Oh, and plenty of water!


  1. Anonymous6/4/08 17:48

    I would love to come. Is it BYO? I don't see any champagne to go with those fabulous berry pancakes. Too early? I thought you were doing brunch.... LOL

  2. Champagne is in the ice bucket ... if the girls have left any! They were partying pretty hard yesterday! LOL

  3. Thanks for the Diet Coke, I don't usually drink it till lunch time but seeing this is a party I'll break my rule! Nice fruit salad I'll start with that first then I'd like to try the pancake... is it a Ricotta Pancake, it sure looks it! Yummo!