5 April 2008

Scatterday! (and post 99)

This week's Scatterday is brought to you by the letter A, and the categories Restaurants, Things you find in the dark, and Turqouise.

I did try to get a photo of the Angsara Wok restaurant, but its location made it impossible to find a place from which to take a photo showing its name.
I already had this in reserve - a photo of the DVD case for "Alice's Restaurant"
I remember when it came out, but its a movie never got around to seeing, so I don't know if it was good or not, and I'm no longer interested in seeing it, even though its available for hire.

In our yard, you will Always find Arachnids and their webs!
In spring and summer, the big Orb Weavers are Abundant, in Autumn, various smaller arachnids start to come into their own. Even in winter, we have Artfully placed Aerial decorations abounding.

This is a rather appealing little Amulet. It is an Avon turquoise pendant. I'm not sure if it is the real thing (feels like it) or if it is Artificial turqouise.


  1. Great idea with the arachnid. I like having spiders around outside, as long as they are polite as to where they spin their webs!

  2. Well done have lots of those arachnids here too......

  3. Alice's Restaurant... long time since I saw that. so long actually that I can't even remember what it was about but I do know that I loved a song from it..although I don't remember which one either! will have to hire it in the holidays and check it out again

  4. We have a juvenile huntsman in our bedroom at the moment, he is such a treasure snapping up those nasty mozzies while we sleep... I didn't want to use him though because David likes me to use his buses as often as possible... small things you know!! LOL

  5. What an excellent lot of choices. Never thought of spiders. Actually I try hard not to think of them. Must away I have a party to attend.

  6. Anonymous5/4/08 20:11

    Great choices. Lots of arachnids this week.

  7. Arachnids have been popular - but then we do find them in the dark more often than we'd like! Lovely amulet and Alice's Restaurant is great, wish I'd thought of that!

    Cinzia, the song was probably... pause.... Alice's Restaurant. "You can get anything you want at Alice's Restaurant dum dum dum you can get anything you want....."