24 May 2008

Do I ever actually MAKE anything?

Well, yes, I do sometimes get time to make things.

At the moment I am fiddling around with strips from Moda's "Sweet Baby Jane" Jelly Roll. I was going to do a log cabin, but decided at the last minute (typical) to do a variation on that. So this is where I am going, so far...

I was also reading somewhere (I wish I could remember where! it was on a really good blog) that if you want to use fabrics from a co-ordinated range for a quilt, it's a good idea to only use about 85% of the range, and 15% from outside the range. This will add some wow factor to your quilt.

Makes sense to me, so I am going through my stash to see what I have, that I can include. I have a few candidates, but I'm not ready to add them yet.

I am such a one for co-ordinating colours, that initially, I had a challenge using the green and aqua together, in the same quilt. They look wrong together without the other colours. However, I am persisting, and just trying to avoid them being side by side.
Iknow, I know, I know ... scrappy quilts are all about anything goes and the overall effect, but this isn't a scrappy quilt. I know it will all work once finished, but like I said, it's a challenge for me!

...and if you want further proof, here is a picture of most of my WIPs. See that Sabco Stakka Drawer on top of the desk? That is chokkas! (I must get another one.) ...and all that fabric lying around...well they're WIPs too.

The basket holds all the patterns and fabrics and stitcheries for a BOM quilt that I subscribed to last year. It went for 10 months and finished last October. I think I'm half way through block 3. Hmmmm, might get some stitcheries prepared to take away with me next week.

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  1. OMG how neat!! My mess is ...well, messy!