16 May 2008

Here to There and Back Again!

I did not think it would take me so long to get back to blogging!

I have had so much going on, I was totally snowed under. Then the cold miserable weather hit and I had the "Winter Blues". On top of that, DH brought a very bad strain of ye old cold home, and promptly passed it on to me!

Enough to give anyone the miseries...

Fortunately, nothing lasts forever, and I am back on the scene. All that remains now, is to decide what to post.

Scatterdays has finished and Michelle and Dy haven't come up with anything to replace it, yet, so here's some photos to get back into the swing of things...

Our beautiful Liquidamber tree. Leafy, green and shady in the summer, and glorious and magical in the autumn. Here, it was just starting to change colour and lose its leaves.

In the next photos, Autumn is well and truly under way, and the leaves are yellow, gold, orange, red, hints of purples and still touches of green occasionally, although not the bright fresh green of spring, or the cool stately green of summer. More the wearied and understated tones of green. Eventually, they fall and become crinkled, brown, and grey. That's when I love putting on my shoes and crunching through them. There's something very satisfying about stomping around in circles and loops, crunching dry leaves underfoot!

Look at that brilliant blue sky! Doesn't it set the colours of the leaves off beautifully?

And lastly, we have a selection of leaves which I have placed in this large creamy bowl, so I can enjoy the signs of autumn, indoors.


  1. We had 2 large Liquidamber trees in the front yard of our old house, I do miss them!! Your pics bought back some lovely memories.


  2. Good to see you back - me too. We have two liquidambers as well and they are usually glorious in Autumn. Not so this year - too many leaves came off in that long dry spell we had. I'm glad you are able t get some lovely colour.

  3. Hi Lindi

    You emailed me but I somehow managed to delete your email... yes teapots can be yours- you know they are 8 inches by 8 inches. And thanks for visiting my blog!