11 August 2008

And the winners are ....

Thank you, everyone, for entering my giveaway. What a great way it was to discover lots of new and interesting blogs!

And what an interesting lot of ways you all have to get warm! (vbg)

So now, it is time to enter the numbers into the random number generator. There were 63 comments, but one was a follow up comment, and one was removed, so that makes 61.

And the winner is..........*drum roll*

Number 58!

Marilyn ! Congratulations!

Also, seeing as it isn't winter, yet, in the Northern Hemisphere, I decided to do a little extra giveaway to someone in the Southern Hemisphere. The winner of that is Robyn.

Please send me your addy details, ladies.



  1. Anonymous11/8/08 21:47

    Congratulations to Marilyn and Robyn. :)

  2. Thank you, thank you. I never dreamed of winning your giveaway. I just really love visiting quilting blogs from all over the world. I will email my address.

  3. You are the best blogger, Lindi, so I have given you an award. Check out my blog for details.


  4. What a lot of fun that was!! It was truly heartwarming to read all the comments from everywhere. Now, Lindi, I feel you deserve an award, so go to my blog and see what I've awarded you :-) www.snippetsnscraps.blogspot.com

  5. Oooooooo... you lucky, LUCKY weiners!! :o)))

    CONGRATS!! xo debmarie xo

  6. Oh my goodness!!!! Lol...no I hadn't checked...giggles....I don't usually win stuff!! :c)

    Thankyou so much Lindi :o)
    I will email you.

    Did I say thanks?? Woohoo!!!