27 October 2008

Teaser revealed

My project has finally arrived at Sheila's so I can show you what I made. (Glad you like it Sheila!)

A little cover for handbag tissues

A purse - lined in green - with a zipper, no less! (I am not usually known for sewing skills)

A decoration consisting of a small suffolk puff (with button centre), mounted on a folded (origami style) square, all then mounted on a folded and stitched triangle,

all of which is attached to my first ever, handmade bag! (machine stitched with hand embroidered crosses along 2 seams).

[This is from a pattern by Daisy Patchwork Cottage called Pippa's Tote, which I bought from Jane at BeBeBold in Lismore. It's a great pattern, with very easy instructions.

If it's not on the web site, I'm sure if you email Jane, she will help you obtain it. While you're there, check out the great Japanese fabrics and Sashiko she has. No affils, just a very happy customer of a very lovely lady]



  1. Lindi, that is a very beautiful bag and accessories. I love them.

  2. no bribes no nothing. they are mine and I am keeping them. thanks a lot Lindi.

  3. How pretty those items are and how very fortunate your friend.

  4. and I'm sure that's exactly what SMC needs [ even though the Scot's health news is good at the moment - touch wood! ] - you're a sweety