6 November 2008

Tagged by Sheila

I have been tagged by Sheila for a meme. I think i may have done this once before, but anyways...

Here's the rules:

1. Link to the person who tagged you.

2. List 7 things about yourself. Some random, some weird.

3. Tag 3 more players and let them know.


I was a breech birth - feet first not the usual bum first. Maybe it showed even then that i'm not one to dive in head first without checking things out first!

I hate putting my face in the water. Don't just dislike it - i really can't do it voluntarily. I have tried various things to get over it, but the block remains. Funnily enough, I can go underwater with a face mask - love it actually.

(boy, this is harder than i thought. maybe i'm just too 'normal' to have weird things to share)

I like peanut butter and vegemite together on a sandwich. Really, it's very tasty. Makes it a savoury filling rather than a sweet one.

I have coloured my hair since i was 16. A few years ago, i let the colour grow out to see what the real colour was, now. Apart from a few weeks a year in winter, i still colour it - mainly plum colours.

I'm not really overweight, it's just that i'm undertall. (4 feet of dynamite and 1 foot of wick, my DH used to say)

I know a 101 ways to serve mince. Now that might prove a very handy skill, in the future!

If i spend a day with someone with an accent, i tend to sound a bit like them by the end of the day. This is not a deliberate thing - i just seem to absorb it! I always have to explain to them at the beginning, that i tend to do that, so they don't think i'm having a go at them! Sheila, be warned! lol

ok. that's done!

Now, who to tag?

stitchinbythelake , jackie , linda , Di , Sooziii , and anyone else who wants to join in! Just leave a comment and i'll add you to the links - this is a good way to get visitors to your blog, too ;)


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  1. hi Lindi, thanks for signing up at my blog...now i can visit you too!