17 December 2008

Christmas in Our House

Welcome to our house. Come in and see our decorations. The dining room isn't finished yet, but feel free to explore the loungeroom.

As you come in the door, the first thing you notice is our tree. It is a beautiful 6' tree and the decorations have been collected over the last 28 years.
Let me turn the lights on for you.
Isn't it beautiful? Would you like to look closer at some of the decorations?
Most of our decorations have memories attached. Some were lovingly made by friends ~ some of whom are no longer with us. Others were bought to remind us of some particular event or person.
Some were made by my son and daughter when they were in Primary school.
Some were bought while shopping with friends.
This one on the right is made from a seed. I never found out from which tree. You wouldn't happen to know would you?
The one above was a special gift from a cyber friend. Di bought it for me in Israel and it is made from olive tree wood.
The little angel on the left is really a flower fairy, wearing her lovely skirt of Australian Christmas Bells, a beautiful native Australian flower that used to gow en masse when I was a kid.

And of course, we have a Star on top of our tree.
To the right of the front door, we have my GreatGrandMother's old sideboard. Originally polished, it was eventually painted (with lead paint) and used for storage in my Grandmother's laundry (!) until I rescued it. One day, I will get it professionally restored. Until then, the shabby chic style will do!
This lovely stitchery wall hanging was part of my December gift from my Angel (Pat Q) in this years SCQuilters (online group of Aus/NZ quilters) Angel/Mortal swap. Wasn't I spoilt?
And this was part of my November gift from the lovely Pat. She was a wonderful and very supportive Angel, sharing so much of herself and her experience as I struggled with all that was happening in my year. Amazing how things are meant to be. She herself had gone through similar a few years ago.

And here is our Nativity, occupying a central position on my Grandfathers bedside cupboard, (glimpsed above) between lounge room and dining room.

Sadly, our beloved Minka is no longer with us. She loved Christmas. Well, she loved the tree!

My beautiful Minka in the tree when she was young. She would crawl out along the branches and play with the ornaments.
She did this every year until she got too big to push her way through the branches.
After that, she contented herself with playing with the ornaments that hung too low, and sleeping under the tree at night. She loved it when the lights were on.



  1. wow it's beautiful, christmas has definitly arrived at your house.


  2. WOW - Lindi what can I say, Your decorations look beautiful.

  3. Lindi! What a beauriful tour of your house - Happy Christmas - hugs Lurline!
    PS - Can you remember how you got your Scquilters button? - nobody has ever been able to help me!

  4. You have so many cute things....I don't think I can choose a favorite! blessings, marlene

  5. You're a right jolly elf, you are! Happy Christmas, and thanks for inviting us in!

  6. lovely decorations.
    I can see I need to pull my socks errr stocking up re The Decorate Your Blog Comp.

  7. Thank you for sharing your wonderful Christmas House with us all. I also want to thank you for coming by my blog. :) Please visit again :)
    Happy Holidays to you and your during this Holiday Season :)

  8. Lovely Lindi, I can tell you are yet to experience the return of little people LOL I'll look forward to a peek inside your home when you have some!
    Love your little Christmas Bush Angel/Fairy! What is her name??

  9. you are the only person I know apart from me that has the Avon 'Nutcracker Suite' decos - I don't have that mouse but I DO have the same soldier as you, plus the Sugar Plum Fairy and the Nutcracker. Do you have any of the others ??

    Merry Christmas !!