20 March 2009

Annie Swap

Isn't she cute? How would you dress her? What colour hair would she have?
Auntpittypat is organising a swap of these dolls. Anyone can join in. She is even providing the pattern so that all the dolls will have the same basic shape. It's up to you, though, as to how she will look finished.
I have joined the swap, but there is a small problem so far. Because most of the swap gals are in the States, and postage for something that size from Australia to the States is quite considerable; and being on a pretty strict budget at the moment; I have elected to only swap with someone in Australia.
And that is where the problem lies. No one else from Australia has signed up yet!
So how about it, Aussies? Hop on over to Aunt Pitty Pat's site and sign on for this fun swap. Let's see if we can double the swap entrants!
Don't worry if you haven't made a doll before. Neither have I, but the pattern looks quite simple and it will be fun to see all the ideas people come up with to dress and embellish their dolls.

Of course, the Author declares this advertisement is in her personal interest.


  1. Anonymous20/3/09 20:50

    What a beautiful doll. I would have loved to join in with this swap, but like you I too am on a strict budget and have problems with the cost of postage from the UK. xxx

  2. Youve changed your look again Lindi....I love the black and white...I would love to have taken part in the doll swap but Im afraid Ive left it too late.....Ill pop in again soon...Lisa