28 April 2009

Annie Doll

I can now show you the Miss Annie doll I made for the swap, since she arrived at her destination in Queensland today.
Kerry emailed me to tell me she had arrived safely, and that she liked my Miss Annie Sunshine and Marmalade, the cat.

Marmalade has a brooch backing attached, so that Kerry can wear him on a coat or bag, if she so wishes.

Do you like her? She is the first cloth doll I have ever made, and I really enjoyed bringing her to life. She was very hard to part with, being my first born, but I know she will be well looked after!

Kerry hopes to finish her doll by the end of the weekend, so I look forward to receiving my new little friend sometime in early May. I'll post her photo when she gets here.



  1. oh Lindi she is gorgeous well done girl,cheers Vickie

  2. Anonymous28/4/09 21:44

    Gosh Lindi, she is so beautiful. xxx

  3. What a cutie! I've never made a doll but I do love the ones I see. Not enough time in the day to do all I want! blessings, marlene

  4. Your doll is lovely and I understand why you didn't want to part with her

  5. Yes that little sweetie would have been very hard to part with , love her !

  6. Lindi, she is so cute - and she comes with her very own pet too! How clever. You would never know she is your first doll. I'm sure that since you have experience, you can now make another one. Maybe a friend/sister or brother for the one you will be receiving?