24 April 2009

Sweet Baby Jane

Last year, I started these blocks usng a Sweet Baby Jane jelly roll. This is as far as I got, before I was off on something else.

Over the Easter break, as well as making my Annie Doll, I worked on these and a few other projects, which I will show later.
This has now been completed to the topper stage. I have yet to decide whether to quilt it myself, using straight grid style quilting, or get it done professionally, either edge to edge or custom.
Then I have to decide about binding.

Quilt top: 60" x 60"



  1. What a lovely 'window' Lindi, I love those soft colours, Lizzie

  2. This is a lovely quilt, Lindi. I think a soft, curvy design (I'm partial to feathers) would look great on the plain and pieced areas of the border. Maybe you could straight quilt the quilt center yourself, and have someone else do the border custom quilting. Just bring it to me and I'll do that for you!

  3. I love these colors Lindi. They aren't ones I ususally buy but lately I've picked up some similar to yours and made some doll quilts. They were darling! blessings, marlene