22 August 2009

Tigers and Toothpicks

I've been very Blogger-slack for the last few months, and I don't have much to show you, so I thought I'd post a poem that I wrote in May 2007.


I searched through my stash, box after box
I'd found rabbits and hounds and even a fox!
But no sign of my tiger was there to be found
He'd slipped away quietly, perhaps gone to ground.

I searched through the reds, the browns and the green
Not a sign of the tiger could even be seen
He was with the big bear, all folded and pressed
Ah! Here he is! No, that's my unfinished vest.

I needed that tiger to make a new quilt,
to go on the bed that my husband had built.
It was made out of wood all golden and brown
We couldn't have bought one if we'd searched the town!

The bedhead was glued with polished toothpicks
to look like a fence, made out of sticks
An Indian village was painted above
But it didn't go with my quilt of the Dove!

Two meters of fabric I'd carefully pieced
A sight for the eyes, a real visual feast!
With magnificent stripes and large padded paws,
from which extended sharp shiny claws.

On his leafy green jungle he'd proudly prowl
You could look at his teeth and perhaps hear him growl.
Oh where are you tiger? I won't make you again –
But I will do a lion, with a big woolly mane!

© Lindi J May 2007


  1. Applause! Applause! Did you ever find your recalcitrant tiger?

  2. Great poem - he must come out of hiding now!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  3. Who could have guessed you have a skill such as this?
    Rhyming AND quilting. Lindi you have been missed!

  4. well I am stunned ... what other talents do you have. keepwell hugs s

  5. Nice to hear from you..hope you are keeping well.

  6. fabulous poem - great scansion - but did you ever find the fabric /make the quilt ?

  7. That was a fun poem. I enjoyed it. You know, I have always seen your blog and read it as "Quality threads" and for the first time yesterday saw and read that it was actually "Quilty threads". Whether the pun was intended, now that I have read the name of your blog properly I think it is great.

  8. This is wonderful...enjoyed!!!