5 November 2009

News Flash!

Too early to celebrate (far far too early! but I can't help myself lol) but DD has just found out she is 5 weeks pregnant! All going well, I will be a Nana in July next year!

I only wish Mum could have stayed to see the new addition, but I'm sure she's watching over the new Mum and Babe. :)

I have been trying to catch up with blogs since coming home last weekend. I'm only here for 3 weeks (and one has almost gone) then I'm back north again, to finish sorting out Mum's home, etc. I'm coping much better than I thought I would, thanks to all the lovely support I have received from friends (including my internet friends).

Thank you all so very very much. Blessings to you all. :)

Lindi Y


  1. Hi Lindi,
    Great to see you back for a while...congrats on your wonderful news of being a Nana next year.
    Your Mum will be proudly looking down over you all.
    Hugs Julia ♥

  2. well dang girl great to see you post and even betterah with special news like that-wishing all goes well,cheers vickie

  3. Anonymous5/11/09 22:28

    Well that is wonderful news, congratulations.

    Our second grandbaby is due the end of February


  4. What wonderful news! Congratulations!
    There really is a circle of life and I know your mum will be smiling and watching over her new grandchild and mum.

  5. Congratulations....what joy!!!

  6. Lindi, you have been in my prayers, and I'm so glad you sound like you're doing a little better. Congratulations on your happy news! Being that I'm in Oz now specifically to hold our now six-week old grandson, I know exactly how excited you're feeling about having a bub in the family. I hope everything goes smoothly with the pregnancy.

  7. Congratulations! Your mom will have the best seat in the house for this one. :) blessings, marlene

  8. oh Lindi... jumping up and down with delight..
    you gonna be a granny.. how wonderful.

  9. Hello Lindi, welcome back and congratulations on being a Nana....Hugs Lyn