22 April 2010

They've gone....

Last Saturday, my DS G and his Fiancee, (DD2) D, packed up their tent and headed off to Tasmania - to live!
They had been camping in our back yard for a week while they emptied their rented house and put their things in storage.
The tent will be their home until they find somewhere to rent in Tasmania. They have decided that their future will be brighter there - they have dreams of work, saving, and eventually buying a small property and becoming Tasmanians (is that what Tassies are called?)
Why Tasmania? They have done the research and they have a much better chance of achieving their dreams there, than remaining in the Hunter - and they prefer the cold to heading north into the heat!

G packs up the tent, while Shari, their dog, looks on. Shari will be staying with us until they have somewhere to live, then she and Alfie will be flown to join them.

Packing the car. I wondered how they were going to fit it all in, but they did!

Well, they're ready to go........don't they look happy!

Seatbelts buckled.....

and they are off to make their future....

Around the corner they go.......

Fare thee well, D and G! Good luck with your trip to Melbourne and your boat crossing to Tasmania,  and all the best with your future in Tasmania! We will soooo miss you guys, but we fully support you chasing down your dreams!

Footnote:  D and G crossed on the Spirit of Tasmania last night and are now in Launceston.


  1. All the very best to them , what an adventure !

  2. It takes a while to get use to them being gone Lindi...Tassie is a Lovely Place I would move there in an Instant...Good Luck to the Happy Couple & you'll be able to visit their Patchwork shops and maybe catch up with some Tassie Bloggers while you Visit...

  3. That's a big move...all the very best to them and may all their dreams come true..
    Tassie is a beautiful place..
    Julia ♥

  4. Anonymous23/4/10 16:17

    This is our dream too, but all our children are in Brisbane and we left family in 1983 and don't think can do it again.
    I wish them a lot of luck.


  5. Amazing the adventurous spirit of young people....sounds like fun if I dared!!!