26 May 2010

Gifts made for Retreat

2 weeks ago, I attended a Quilting Retreat in Bathurst. Each year, Southern Cross Quilters (SCQuilters), an online quilting group, holds a retreat somewhere in Australia or New Zealand. This year was the first time I have been able to attend. I HAD A BLAST!!! So much fun and laughter and meeting people first time face to face. I haven't had so much fun since I don't know when. :)
Part of the fun included an Angel Mortal swap. For 3 months before retreat, I had an Angel (who sent me lovely pressies, Hi Lorraine!) and a Mortal (to whom I sent lovely pressies). This was all done anonymously until the reveal on the Saturday night at retreat. We also gave (secretly to remain anonymous) 2 pressies to our Mortals leading up to the reveal, then a pressie for the reveal.
Thought I would share with you my final pressie to Grace (Hi Grace!), my Mortal. I forgot to take photos of the other pressies.

I used this pattern, which I purchased from BeBeBold, and followed the instructions for the bag at the back.

I chose Japanese fabrics because they are Grace's favourite. She had also mentioned that she liked wearing rust occasionally in winter, so when I saw this fabric, I knew it was a winner. The rust worked perfectly.

I made a few modifications to the design. (Can't help myself! lol) I lengthened the handles; added the decorative strip to the rust part - felt it needed it to tie the rust in with the print and to add a bit more Japanese flavour to the bag design; and made a false stiff bottom to be inserted into the bag for sturdier wear. It can be removed if Grace prefers.

Grace loved it and I'm told she wears it constantly.


Do you remember me buying this pattern? Again from BeBeBold. :) (Hi Jane!)

I decided to make some of the small sized owls for gifts. One for Lorraine, my Angel, one for Grace, my Mortal, one for Lissa, who gave me a lift to retreat, one for my daughter, one for myself and one to spare.
I did cheat a teensy weensy bit. Instead of making fabric eyes, I made felt ones (less work) and I painted the beaks with lumiere paint instead of using orange felt.

A Parliament of Owls:

Aren't they cute? I think I will have to make some more when I get time.


I still have to upload photos taken at retreat, so I'll post more another day.

Scquilty hugs!


  1. Sounds like such fun and your little owls are so so cute
    I can see why she loved the bag

  2. Anonymous28/5/10 06:11

    lindi your owls look great! it's nice to see see them in such bright fabrics! Also love the bag.

  3. Owls are so cute- I love your little "flock"!
    Perfect fabric choices for the bag!

  4. Love your bag....I just made one designed by a fellow quilter..has removeable handles so you can have several and interchange them...can us ladies ever have too many???