25 May 2010

A month gone? Really?

It's been 5 weeks since G & D left for Tasmania, and Shari (the Shar Pei) has been coping quite well in their absence, all things considered. She did escape the day before I went to Bathurst for the SCQ Retreat (more on the retreat later) and I was sick with worry until I found her. She was missing for at least an hour and a half and I feared the worst (as you do!). I drove around for 45 minutes before finding her - on the opposite side of the main (4 lane) road and 5 blocks away!!! She escaped once again a week later, but I was out the door looking before she got out of the front yard. I think she was off to look for her parents seeing as they weren't coming for her.

She has been getting lots of pats, hugs and playtimes off her Grandies (us) and we have even been spoiling her, allowing her to do things her parents won't let her do. Just like Grandparents should. *vbg* (It's OK DD, we won't do that with our Grandson :))

D&G left a couple of toys for her - one, a reindeer, she has had for a while. The other, a white silky bear which they slept with for a few days to pick up their scent, for her to snuggle up to in her kennel so she wouldn't fret. They assured me she wouldn't take it out of her kennel, as sleep toys always stayed there.


The Bear:

The Reindeer:

The Antlers:

The Backyard:

Well, Shari left this morning for Tasmania (with just a scrap of Bear). The Dog transporter picked her up and drove her to Sydney airport, where her flight will leave at 12.55 EST.  Right now, she is up in the air - a flying dog! - and will arrive - to the great delight of her parents - at 2.40pm EST. I wish I was there to take photos of the reunion. I expect there will be much tail wagging and licking and pats and hugs. :)

Alfie (the Pink and Grey Galah) is still here with us. D & G were given the wrong info by Customs when they inquired about him entering Tassie. They were told they would need to get some paperwork done, and he would be OK. Last week, when they went to get the relevant forms, they were told he wasn't allowed in, owing to new legislation passed 6 months ago! They were very upset, understandably, and have sent off an email to the department. They have been told that that policy will be under review in July, so fingers crossed!

I do have more to post about - some sewing and Retreat and LOTS of yummy purchases, but it will all have to wait. I have a yard to clean up! lol



  1. Shari is a very cute pup! I can just imagine the excitement of the impending reunion in Tassy. Fingers crossed for Alfie as well:-))

  2. It is always a big responibility to look after someone elses animals even if you are the grandies
    Bet there was much excitment at the reunion

  3. yes a whols month you bad blogger hehehe...aww poor Alfie..I reckon you may jus miss Shari a bit and I bet Shari will be ecstatic to see mum and dad again,cheers Vickie