9 June 2010

Grandson Number 1

At last I am finding some time to upload some photos of the recent addition to our family!

Due today, he decided to arrive last Friday (4th) at 5.22pm. The happy parents only just got his nursery painted the night before, and carpeted that morning. We had instructed him not to arrive until after it was done. lol We had hoped for a little more time, but he wasn't waiting.

I knew he was going to be named Miles, but the middle name was a surprise for me. They named him Stuart after my Dad. Dad would have been as pleased as punch. :)

Here's the proud new Mum the morning after he was born...

The very proud Dad...

and the babe himself.

Thank you everyone for your good wishes. I have lots of comments to reply to, but have been far too busy to spend much time on the computer. I have been over to help out almost every day (8 hr shifts!) at DDs request. She didn't get to spend the 2 planned days in hospital - there were no available beds in the maternity ward and she was roomed in the delivery ward - NO sleep as far too noisy! - so she came home Saturday. She had a Midwife visit her each day - last time today - but she needed Mum to help set up the nursery and limit visitors. Hey, who was I to object? lol



  1. What a lovely baby. Congratulations to you all.


  2. Congratulations Lindi..How Gorgeous is Miles...can Understand the Nanna Duties...Enjoy.!!

  3. I wouldnt have objected either
    Grandchildren are the best
    Give him lots of cuddles
    He's a real cutie

  4. Aaawwww...I want a cuddle! He is so sweet, just look at his little face and his peaceful demeanor. Welcome little Miles Stuart, it's a wonderful world! :-) cheers Pennie

  5. Oh Lindi, Miles, Stuart is so beautiful..Congrats to the proud parents and family...so glad both mother and baby are well.
    Julia ♥

  6. Congratulations again, Lindi! I am SO happy for you, and for your proud children. I hope Miles is an easy baby and that everyone gets into a happy routine very soon. Blessings on everyone.

  7. Cute cute cute..oh and it sounds like such a hard slog for you to be over at the house with new bubs-NOT-enjoy they grow up too quick...I think it's shocking they did not have a room for DD to stay a couple of nights, cheers Vickie

  8. What an absolutely sweet, adorable little fellow! Di xx

  9. Congratulations to the whole family. What a beautiful addition. It's so nice that you can be there to assist so the new mom doesn't get too tired.

  10. Awww, he's so cute! May you have opportunity for rocking and cuddling as often as deemed necessary for your grandmother batteries to be recharged!

  11. Great photos! Congratulations to all of you.

  12. Just a very quick comment Lindi - I don't have a blog myself but visit a few so popped over to you today from Sooziii's.
    DELIGHTED to find that you have such lovely news yourself... Congratulations to you all and may you enjoy all the years to come. ;-) Jx

  13. Congratulations Lindi. He is a little doll. Give him lots of cuddles.

  14. Congrats and no better person than Gene could have brought you to my blog. I am glad that you found me, and I am now a follower of yours. Congrats on the new grandchild, and I hope to get to know you.
    In Ireland