20 May 2011

Lucky lucky me!

Why am I so Lucky and so Happy?

Because I have a wonderful swap partner in Melody! Look at what she has made me for my Christmas Santa Stocking Swap.....

 I love it! The colours are so fresh and yummy (I have eyed this range off on other blogs but could not justify buying them so that is an extra bonus!) and the Angel is so perfect!

Inside are 4 beautifully wrapped pressies that have to remain there until Christmas.........  so exciting!

Thank you Melody! It's the perfect Santa sack for me! :)))



  1. I'm so glad you are my swap partner and so happy you like your Christmas sack.

  2. It's so fun and festive!! Already 4 presents, lucky you! Santa must think you've been good. It really is the nicest idea for a swap.

  3. So adorable.....and you are very lucky!!

  4. Beautiful Bag Lindi...Long Wait till Xmas...Very Tempting..LOL

  5. awesome bag well done to Melody ..that portrait of Lindi is superb,cheers Vickie

  6. It's really cute, Lindi. Yes, you certainly are lucky to have been paired with such a talented quilter. You deserve that! From the fabrics and embroidery, it's almost as though she KNOWS you!