3 September 2011

One quilt ready to go

I have been very slack with my blogging! I keep making vows to get back to it, but I always fall by the wayside. I have to admit, Facebook is probably my biggest diversion, but I am also busy between sewing, minding my Grandson (who is now 15 months old!) and spending time with my Darling Hubby who is now semi-retired and finally pursuing his dreams of writing books (more on that later).
I guess it is time to do a few updates. :)

These will not be in chronological order... lol

First up, is this cute Raggy Shaggy quilt I made for my little Granddaughter (who will be 7 months in a week's time - how quickly time flies when little ones are around!). She is outgrowing the little quilt I made her for a pram quilt when she was born. She lives in Tassie, so there is still time for her to use it. :) It is made with lovely snuggly flannel fabrics I bought in Tassie last February, with some pink and choclate I had in my stash. Despite the sore palms from all that snipping, I love it and intend doing more like this. I have bought a pair of spring loaded snips since, though! lol


  1. Welcome back, Lindi - you are the busiest, most generous and encouraging "slacker" I know! Millie's quilt is absolutely gorgeous, and will give her a warm "Nana hug" every time she uses it.

  2. Ohh I love your raggy quilt! It looks so soft and cuddly! It's sounds as though you've been busy!! All fun things though!

  3. Hi Lindi, Nice to read your blog again and we seem to be on the same pathway. i.e. Hubby semi retired, enjoying grandchild, occasional blogging and fitting some quilting/crafting in between it all:-) Life is busy. Love your shaggy quilt. You will notice a big difference with the right scissors. Di.