14 December 2011

One handed sewing

You can't keep a quilter/patchworker down for long....

One of the things i have found most exasperating about my current condition, is that i have all the time in the world to sit and sew, plenty of hand stitching, but a right hand that is useless...can't do anything!

The other day, i just had to give it a go....on the sewing machine....

My foot couldnt feel the pedal, so i set the machine real slow.... i took 2 packs of moda charm squares...Cherish Nature.... and with my left hand only, taking forever, i put 2 squares together...not perfectly, but ok.... and stitched a not too bad seam. I only lasted 10 minutes before my legs were aching, but HEY! I SEWED!
 It might end up being the wonkiest quilt ever, but i have a feeling it will be a cherished favourite. :)

Since then, i have done a little whenever i have felt up to it, and i now have 42 2patches sewn. :) I chose the Cherish nature charm packs because i had 2 packs of them. last night i realised how appropriate they are... an even mix of dark, light and medium tones to represent good days, bad days and average days; some squares have butterflies = change/metamorphisis; some have pretyt birds eggs = new beginnings/new life; and a few squares with bees = my caring friends helping me through this. :)

i can't manage to get the seams lined up to make 4 patch blocks, so i am getting my daughter to cut a charm pack of moda plain cream squares into 2. i will add a rectangle to each 2 patch then join 2 units brick wall style. this will represent my 2 steps forward one step back = forward momentum saying. :)



  1. Where there's a Will there's a Way Hey Lindi..hang in there sounds like you are working it out..
    Hope Today is a Good Day for You.

  2. Brave Girl, Lindi - try to have a little stitching fun!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  3. So glad to hear you are sewing. Making a quilt is like reading a 900+ page book. One page at a time so, one square at a time, then one row, and so on. I have a saying that I tell myself when I get overwhelmed, "I can only do what I can do." So the, if I don't finish everything on the list, then that's fine. One day it will get done.

  4. That's fantastic!! This will be a very special quilt. Cherish your sewing times.

  5. Hi Lindi, I have just caught up with your blog again and was sorry to hear about your health condition. Sounds like you will be barrelling straight ahead and moving forward, so - good for you. You can't keep us quilters down!!! All the very best for the coming festive season and New Year. Di.

  6. Hi Lindi, I am so sorry that you are sick. I hope that you can race ahead and control it. I am so impressed by your sewing... Take care of yourself... hugs.xxxx