5 September 2013

2 Finishes!

 I have been a busy girl. :)

These 2 quilts came back from the quilter (Ruth at Stitched and Bound Machine Quilting Service) towards the end of July, but I have only just launched into binding them this week. It has been so relaxing, sitting near the window in the Spring sun, stitching happily.

The first one finished is "Fandango"  ( 73" x 73" ) made from a Kate Spain Layer Cake.

I selected feature squares, cut some others in 2 and some into 4, then stitched the blocks as if they were the first round of log cabins, with one side being a half and quarter stitched together.
Ruth quilted this one with a lovely circular feather style, that makes this quilt lovely and snuggly.



The second one completed is "Nana's 1950s Kitchen"  ( 40" x 50" ) made using a selection of Henry Glass fabrics from the Knock Knock range. The blocks are log cabin blocks.

The fabrics instantly appealed, reminding me of my Grandmother's kitchen when I was a little girl. Each cupboard door was painted a different colour, the shelf above the fireplace had bright multicoloured canisters, the egg cups were bright colours, as were the anodised beakers, and the coffee percolator. Strong, bright, cheery colours! My favourite door was the turquoise one. :)

Nana's 1950s Kitchen

Ruth quilted this with a lovely simplistic flower in the same turquoise as the border and she found this cheery quilt backing to go with the whole look. :)


I tried a new binding method for these quilts and found it really wonderful. Lovely crisp, mitred corners done on the machine! Linda, of Flourishing Palms has made a very clear tutorial, which you can find here. Give them a try next time you bind.



  1. Love both your quilts Lindi and love your memories wrapped up in your 1950's Nanna's quilt. Well done!

  2. Oh my! Your quilts are so pretty! I'm sorry I missed reading this post. I know you tried the binding method I shared, and I'm most grateful that you did. Even happier to know you like it and that it works for you! Will you keep these quilts? Or are they destined for new owners?