19 April 2007

Another quilt?!!!

I can't believe I've started another quilt when I am in the middle of so many! (Yes, I can believe it, actually). And no Sis, it's not yours. This one is for Minka (Minka Shadow Dancer, to give her her full title). Minka is the gorgeous black cat you see on the right.
As the weather gets cooler, she is curling up wherever there is a quilt or blanket left lying, and I am getting tired of washing cat hairs out, so.......
What's to bet she won't even like it!
I'd love to keep working on it today, but bookwork and BAS are enticing me (NOT!)

Last night I joined a SCQuilters side group (fatquarters) where everyone encourages and supports each other in their goals of weight loss. I have chosen my fabrics to put aside (each piece represents a kilo of my target for the next 6 months), and now I have to earn them back! Any not earned get donated to a worthwhile cause. I deliberately chose absolute favourites for which I have plans. It will really hurt if I lose them! I'm putting them everywhere that food is stored!

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