5 April 2007

Easter! Quilting! Woohoo!

It's Thursday evening and the Easter break has just begun. I plan to spend a lot of time patchworking and quilting. I have a top to finish...I've been waiting for more fabric to come from the States and it arrived this week. I also have binding to do on 2 quilts, and a BOM to do!
If the weather is nice, I'll rest my eyes occasionally by going outside and poking around in the garden...what's left of it, since I took up quilting! :-)
Happy Easter everyone!


  1. Welcome to Blogland! I've added your blog to the SCQuilter blog listing that I maintain.

  2. Happy Easter, and Happy Stitching. That's a lovely Eye Spy quit - looking forward to seeing the next quilts :)

  3. Hi LJ - welcome to the wonderful world of Bloggers.....
    Your quilts are lovely especially your three generation quilt. Look forward to seeing what else you get up to.

  4. What lovely work! Welcome to the world of Patchwork & Quilting.... Your life will never be the same!

    Julie xx

  5. Hi Lindi,
    congratulations on your quilts, and becoming a blogger, I'm sure both passions will bring you great joy.


  6. Welcome Lindi! I always love to look at another quilty blog.