25 May 2007

Animal Circus

I have decided to get some work done on some of my WIPs, before starting any new projects (yes I know, I've said it before, but...). With that in mind, I have finally sandwiched Animal Circus and quilted it! I am very pleased with myself, because I have done stipple quilting for the very first time on a quilt! I did some practice pieces first until I got the tension right and got in the flow, then grew brave and started on the quilt. I was only going to do a little bit, but it worked so well, I kept doing more and more. It might not be the most perfect stippling you ever saw, but it is good enough to leave there, (only a few sharp corners, and I only met, not crossed, the thread 3 times). But boy, is my back aching now! I think I'll have to book in for a massage (any excuse!)
I still have to bind it, but until it is finished, here are some pics of Minka giving it her seal of approval.

So, what have you been doing? Another quilt?

Is this one for me?

I think I'll claim it, anyway, and just settle myself here!

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