31 May 2007

First quilts

SCQuilters is having a tag happening at the moment, and one of the tag questions is about our first quilt.
Caity and Rooruu have posted pics of their first quilts (and they look good!) and challenged others to post their first quilt.

My first "quilt" was made two and a half years ago. I had walked into a local fabric store to arrange for my 27 year old sewing machine to be repaired and was blown away by the quilts on the walls. I figured that doing some patchwork would certainly dress up my polar fleece lap blankets, and how hard could it be? (This from someone who had failed sewing at High School and apart from doing a KnitWit course to make kids t shirts, didn't even sew)

My first quilt wasn't technically a quilt. I knew nothing, but I designed the blocks, made the top, and attached it to a polar fleece blanket with the border. Quilting? What was that?
Anyway, the family all thought it looked good (so did I!) so I decided to make another one.

This time, I had noticed that quilts had binding, so I found a basic book and bound it. After I had bound it, I decided to have a go at quilting straight lines diagonally through every second row. I didn't know about walking feet, so went off and sewed it with my one and only foot! Couldn't understand why there were so many ripples and puckers! HA!

Anyway, for what it's worth, here are pics of my first 2 quilts. They really are shockers, but they are still loved! It's nice to look at them and see how far I have come in two and a half years, (check the pics at the bottom of the page) although I now know that there is a lot I don't know!
It's a whole new world to be explored.


  1. Hey Lindi, good for you! Nice mulling about with the blues, and the left hand one has an interesting palette playing good games with a simple but effective palette.

    The best thing? The fact that they're loved. Isn't that one of the best of all reasons to quilt?

  2. Wow, Lindi, good on yer for showing these! Only two and a half years ago? See how far you've come in such a short time!
    And anyway - any quilt made with love is a good quilt, in my book!

  3. Nice to see your first quilts. I must say- they are better than mine! I first made a quillow, with no quilting, & only ribbons on the pillow patch. It is still loved, & used by my Granddaughter most.
    I like the colours you used for both your quilts.

  4. Hi Lindi,

    I think the blue is my FAV. And if that was only 2.5 years ago, WOW!! Thanks for sharing with me!!

  5. I like the colour schemes you've used! Only 2 1/2 years ago - wow, doing well!