10 June 2007

Newcastle, Hunter Storms and Flooding

What a hectic and exhausting 3 days it has been! But at least our family and all are friends have survived safely.
Along with many other areas, we were hit by storms, flash flooding and long term flooding Friday afternoon and night. Our house survived with only a small amount of leaking. My daughter's place was threatened with flooding 4 times, with the water coming up to the top of the patio each time, but no water got inside.
Unfortunately, my son's flat was flooded with about 30cms of water, mud and weed, and he has lost bedding (mattress and sheets) which was on the floor as well as other stuff. Goodness knows when he will be able to move back in. The stench is incredible. Luckily they got to the flat while there was only a few inches of water, and got their puppy out. She was blocked in the kitchen, which was the first place to get the water.
He and girlfriend, puppy and bird are now refugees, camping wherever they can!
I feel for the many who have lost more, and especially for the families of those who lost their lives.

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