22 October 2007

Breast and Ovarian Cancer

Regular readers know that my Mum has cancer. What some don't know, is that she first had breast cancer in 1998 and had a mastectomy. 8 years later (April 2006) she developed 2 lumps under her scar and further investigation revealed that she had developed metastasis (secondary cancer) on her ribs and in her bones, namely ribs and spine. She had radiotherapy to help hold her own and reduce the pain. Late last year, she developed another secondary in a lung. This was reduced with chemotherapy. This year, she developed another tumour closing around her duodenum. She is currently having chemo for that.
I'm telling you this, not as a sob story (many others are worse off), but so you understand my passion and commitment to alerting people about breast cancer and the importance of mammagrams, breast examinations and knowledge of breast cancer.
(I'm also passionate about prostate cancer, but I'll leave that for another post.)

So imagine my delight on discovering this site: www.nbcc.org.au It's the National Breast Cancer Centre site. They also cover ovarian cancer.
I urge you all to check it out! You can do a risk factor test, read about issues, download PDF files, and order free pamphlets. You can also make a donation.

Please refer others to the site, not just women, but men too. The more we all understand and are aware, the more lives we can save!


  1. Great post Lindi!!! As you may know, Rosie went through the breast cancer ordeal last year and it certainly makes you stand up and take notice when someone you love is going through that terrible ordeal. Great post - thanks =)

  2. Thanks for the link, Lindi. And all the best to your Mum and you.

  3. warm thoughts to you and your mum. hugs sheila

  4. Thanks, Ladies for all your good wishes. I've passed them on to Mum, and she thanks you also.
    Hugs to you all.