17 October 2007

L & Ms new home

Today is the day that my darling daughter and her fiance get the keys to their new home. Great excitement all 'round!
This is their first home ... they have both been living in rented premises for the last 7 years, so saving has been difficult, but hard work and going without is finally paying off for them.
We will go and have a look later this afternoon, after they have had time to gloat and dream privately.

Here's to many happy years in your new home, L and M!


  1. congratulations to L & M. My housewarming pressie is to wish them years of happiness in their first home together. New quilts to be made?

  2. LOL!
    L already has 2 and I will get stuck into Ms as soon as I get my sewing stuff unpacked from renovating. It was supposed to be for his birthday last February. As to any more, they'll have to join the queue!