5 December 2007

Santa's getting ready...

...and I wish I was!
I'm still (very desperately, now) trying to get the house back in order after renovations. The office has almost completely been done, and now I am moving into my new craft room. It's not entirely mine... I have to share with a winter clothes wardrobe and another storage cupboard, but I'm getting there, I think!
But oh my! I had no idea I had collected so much fabric over the nearly 3 years that I have been quilting!
At the moment I am packing it where DH won't see it, but I must do something about it after Christmas.
(Note to self, don't let him read this post! LOL)
So watch for giveaways in the new year, and maybe I'll start selling on ebay instead of buying!!!

Hmmm.... just realised, I am awaiting 3 parcels in the mail. You'd never guess what's in them!
So, fabric up for grabs, now! Leave a comment and go in a draw. Let's see.... 3 winners I think, for the 3 Wise Men. (although did you know that the Bible does not say there were 3?)


  1. I've already won a give away from you....lovely... but I just had to say I love the I can explain banner....sounds like the story of my life :)
    Where did you get all the fabric from anyway.....Stupid question I know lol

  2. Great Christmas trivia, Lindi. And did you also know the Bible doesn't say the wise men went to visit Jesus in the stable? He was probably about 2 yrs old before they made their appearance, and would have been living in a house by then. Just in case you wanted to know ... (Grin)

  3. Came to congratulate you on winning the macro mystery..


    Do I stand a chance?


  4. now just where did those rheindeer and the Santa come from. I love them. Of course I have been naughty but in a nice sort of way. Does that count.

  5. Is the gorgeous Johnny Depp included in the fabric give away? lol

    Merry Christmas to you and yours

  6. Sorry, abbycat, but he's not mine to give away...yet...but I'm sure Santa will pop him on the end of my bed on Christmas Eve, and then I might consider sharing him...(grin)

  7. I love all fabric and would be glad to give yours a good home.