9 December 2007

Scatterday challenge

Michelle has challenged me to do one photo for this week's Scatterdays. The letter is K, and I need something in my neighbourhood, something blue and something dangerous!
So here it is...
A Kookaburra on my clothesline! Look at his beautiful kingfisher blue wing. Dangerous? you say. Yes, he is deadly to all my skinks and spiders! Look at the knifelike beak! It's just like a kukri! It would put the kibosh on any future plans of the darling skinks. All he has to do is catch it and bash it on a klinker or kingle.
Yet despite this, I love seeing him around, and I love hearing his Kakakakakakaka!


  1. Oh wow, all three in one, how clever is that! Welcome to Scatterdays! Beware, it's curiously addictive.

    Now, we just need you to join the scatterdays webring, so I can find you each week and see what clever things you've discovered. Michelle will tell you how...

  2. a fine fellow, depending on which side of the fence you live.:)
    What a great idea these Scatterdays.

  3. Oh, you are good - all three categories encompassed by one clever photo. The Kookaburra's laugh is such a wonderful sound

  4. KEWL! I love kookas - especially when they signal much-needed rain. Clever you to get all the categories in one go!