29 December 2007


This week's Scatterday is brought to you by the letter Y and the categories: Green, Animal and School Days.

I do have a green yearbook somewhere amongst my school day paraphanalia, but I doubt it has any y animals in it.
I did think of borrowing a green school uniform from someone and spill yolk on the yoke...yolk being the very beginnings of an animal,
but I was a little concerned the yolks might stain.
So, after lots of yakking with my youngest, and wondering if we could yarely paint a yauld yaud green and get it into the school grounds for a photo shoot, yesterday, we headed off to the shops with a yearning that we would find something suitable! A lovely hobby shop yielded this prize...a youthful Yoda!

We stood there near Yoda, and had a lovely yarn with him, and this is what he told us:
"Yoda is not mineral or vegetable, therefore, animal must he be!"
He also happens to be a lovely pea green. That's 2 categories taken care of.
Now the third. This is a young Yoda in his Jedi Knight School uniform, practising his yoga in yoga class! (I know because he told me so.)


  1. Yahoo, you yarn well and You surprised me with your yarns as I wondered through the week how you would yarn with Y


  2. You are one clever bunny. Excellent! And doubly so as I have my own Jedi here at home.

  3. Yay Yay Yay for Yoda, I wondered on and off during the week if you could do a one off and you did!! Terrific!
    P.S. I have over 200 sets of Babushkas but at the moment they are all over the house... well the Christmas ones are so I can't do a head count, my data base says 201 but I recently bought Marilyn and Elvis plus a few others sooo???

  4. Too clever by half, Lindi. You set a standard that is hard to come up to. Great fun to read your blog.

  5. you are tooo clever, well done!

  6. Very funny! :-)
    Clever little scatterdaisy you be.

  7. Impressed we are by Yoda!
    Thank you for the comment on the valve photo. Pleased is the husband.
    Fans of Yoda both are we.
    May the Force be with you.