6 January 2008


I am very late this week. I could use the excuse that I had trouble finding the computer vacant, but the truth is, I vacillated so much between 2 ideas, that I didn't get either done!
When put to the vote with the family, they came out equal, so here you are!

This week's Scatterday is brought to you by the violet letter V, and the categories Car parts, Office items, and In the kitchen.

Scatterday 1:

Visual Display units:

in the office, we have the computer monitor, otherwise known as the Visual Display Unit (VDU),
in the kitchen, we have the visual display on the microwave, which is about to cook a veal and vegetable casserole,
and the car has a visual display where one can verify the velocity at which one is travelling and also the vital volume of fuel in the tank.

Scatterday 2: When it came to one photo, I thought the letter V would be victorious. I vaguely tried to work out how to get various car parts (like vents and V8 engines) into the kitchen, but eventually, I felt vanquished. Until....

In the kitchen, my recipes are kept in a vertical file (which was no longer needed in the office, and notice the first file is verdant), and, Oh look!, DH has been tinkering with the car and has left a V belt , a set of vernier gauges and a vitreous china spark plug on the cupboard top, (along with the vegemite he had for breakfast!).

Now wasn't that visibly valiant of him!


  1. Wow, you have excelled this week. Not even going to try and come up with a descriptive "V" word!

  2. LOL, well done! For the most part it's all I can do to come up with the nouns, nevermind the adjectives.

  3. I wonder every week how you are going to fit everything into a single photos - and you always amaze me! Truly valiant!

    Thank you, vade-mecum was a new word to me and new words are precious and marvellous things! I think I too need one of these useful things to carry about my person and tell me what it was I was going to do when I got up, rather than just make a cup of coffee and sit down again!

  4. Viva, Lindi!! Great work! When I can shake this dreadful virus which has left me even more vacuous than usual I hope to resume playing ...

  5. wow or should I say vow as with a sore throat lol. I can see my dictionary is going to look not so new at the end of the year.

  6. Vell done once again Lindi I was beginning to worry that you couldn't do it this week.
    I always show yours to the 'King of Pedantry' who for some unknown reason has been living with me for almost 40 years... makes you wonder about me doesn't it LOL! Anyway he says they are Feeler Gauges not Vernier and has bought a Vernier in to show me. You do realize that this man is never wrong - he argues with professionals on their own subjects which has the rest of us in stitches so we'll just ignore him I think. LOL cheers, Pennie who is very relieved that she has a couple of Babushkas that fit 'E' for this week.

  7. Vell de gauges aren't veally car parts, so dey vere only added as an extra.
    Mind you, Penny, next week is going to be a real challenge! I can't for the life of me think up an idea for the letter E, white, plant world, and terrifying things! Not anything photographable, anyway! So it looks like Y and Z can be conquered, but not the simple little vowel, E! I'm dreading X!LOL

  8. Oooo you're good, very very good. Each week I wonder if you'll manage a single photo and each week you come up trumps! :-)

  9. After that comment, Dy, I am working really hard on an idea. Haven't got it all together yet, but there is hope! It looks like my only reading this week will be the Es in my dictionary. LOL

  10. Anonymous7/1/08 11:47

    Hey Lindi did you see Erica on the http://sydneyscquilters.blogspot.com/ she did a really good 'Terrifying Thing' LOL Do you know anyone who has a name starting with an 'E'?