19 January 2008


Today's Scatterday is brought to you by the umber letter U, and the categories: Street, Cartoon Characters, and, Things People Pay a Lot of Money For.

The idea for this uno photo was unbelievably easy in planning. Urging someone to help me with it was, understandably, the understatement of the year!

At underntime today, DH and I set out for Union Street, Wallsend, undaunted, to undertake our uncertain mission.
We had been tipped off that underhand activities were underfoot in this urban street.
We were unafraid!
We reached the bottom of the street, and looking uphill, we spied this!

Two of the umpteen Underpants Gnomes (cartoon characters from South Park), underneath an umbrella, totally unabashed at being caught stealing someone's undergarments! People pay a lot of money for their undies, particularly satin and lace ones. The Underpants Gnomes were hoping to go undetected. Their plan is 1. Steal underpants,2....,3. Make money.

Well, they are no longer unseen. Many cars drove by with uncomprehending people staring out the windows. Fortunately for the Gnomes, no-one stopped to ask them (or us) to explain this unaccountable scenario!


  1. Oh, you're way too good for me! How funny. LOL

  2. WHAT???? Did you really do all this?? Where did you get the Gnomes from?? Who's undies are they?? Was it a busy street?? What are those white balls?? Do you sleep with a dictionary on your head??
    LOL You break me up Lindi!

  3. Yes, we really did this. Actually, the hardest part was buying the gnomes from Bunnings. I am not a Gnome person! DH was even more embarrased and wouldn't walk out of the shop with me, but he was good enough to help with the photo shoot. LOL
    Whose undies? What a personal question! LOL Actually, they were mine from years ago, but have never been worn (too small)
    The street wasn't too busy. Just busy enough for hubby to feel awkward. I just acted nonchalantly, as if it was very normal, and gave the occasional wave. LOL
    The white balls are rain spots that got on the camera lens. And yes, we did get wet. It's been raining for days, and we gave up waiting for it to clear.
    No, I don't sleep with a dictionary on my head, but I am slowly getting to read all of it!

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  5. lol, I would love to be passing by when all this was going on!

  6. ha ha ha ha
    Lindi, you are a legend!

  7. Lindi, I've been sitting here giggling to myself as I read this post of yours - utterly hilarious! Another 'Scatterdaisy' who will have set tongues wagging around town!

  8. You are my kind of woman Lindi. I looooove what you do. This has made me laugh out loud while all on my own.