21 February 2008

An early Scatterday?

I was going to save this for Scatterday (the letter H, colour, games and pointy things) but it's too much fun not to share it now!

HEMA is a Dutch department store. The first store opened in 1926, in Amsterdam. Now there are 150 stores all over Europe. There is lots of colour at Hema, and their people know how to play games and have fun. There's even some pointy things!

Take a look at Hema (HEMA's product page). You can't order anything, and it's in Dutch, but just wait a little while after the products show up and watch what happens.

This company has a sense of humor and a great computer programmer.


  1. great sense of humour, hope they made their fortune, if not in products then in the programmers capabilities.
    Thanks for reminding me I must take my camera with me today.

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  3. I have loved this website for a long time. Clever aren't they?
    I still want H photos!

  4. Thanks for a good laugh Lindi, I loved it!