22 February 2008


This week's Scatterday is brought to you by the Happy, Highbrow, Hot pink letter H, and the categories: Colour, Games, and Pointy Things.

Colour: Darling Hubby Helped me Hunt down these Harmonious Hues of blue. They are "High Flyer" and "Harbour Blue". I don't think they came from the Haynes range of paints, though. Pity!

Games: Of course, I Had to Haggle to get Him to Help. He Harangued me until I agreed to a Handicap while we played the games I had Hauled out of the Heap in the games cupboard. Anything for Harmony!

Here we Have a selection to while away the Hours.

Pointy Things: After a Humiliating loss, I decided to eat Humble pie, adjust my Halo, and Hail Him as the victor!

Besides, as the pointy Hands on the clock indicated, it was High time we Headed for bed.

The Hairtail fish, with it's pointy tail, pointy mouth and extremely pointy teeth, Had been Heated on the Hob, the Heavy Halberd Had been placed near the Hearth, and the Hexagram Had been Hung on its Hook!


  1. Glorious and my hat off to helpful hubby.

  2. Top score... great way to start the day.

  3. LOL I think you and DH must sit down each night reading dictionaries instead of watching telly LOL the thought of it!! I was going to give you ten out of ten for NOT using Hot Pink but you snuck it in first! Sorry!
    Too many Dames at Ziggy's!

  4. Anonymous24/2/08 08:15

    LOts of interesting things.