16 February 2008

Scatterday 2

I have found the Scatterday Thieves, (as described in the post below) skulking in the shadows, but unfortunately, I cannot use my photos, as they have already used them on their blog! Saboteurs!

So, here are my second lot of snaps.

This weeks Scatterday is brought to you by the scarlet letter S, and the categories: Fruit, Things that make you itch, and Gold.
Fortunately, I was able to race over to my son's garden and get all 3 snaps in the one spot.
He has a lovely Golden Butternut Squash growing this season, as he has decided to become self-reliant for much of his produce. Squash is a fruit (definition: part of the plant that contains the seed), not a vegetable.
The tiny spikes on it's leaves make some people (including me) itchy when they brush against them.
The inside of the squash fruit is a beautiful gold colour, hence the name Golden Squash!
How was that for a fast Scatterday? Now I'm off to punish those scallywag gnomes!


  1. Phew - glad you one upped those norty nomes.

  2. Those gnomes are becoming very sneaky, aren't they! Well done, Lindi, with your squash - three categories in one! Now... you've been TAGGED! Please see my blog for the rules, should you wish to become involved. (Perhaps you should TAG those naughty gnomes?)

  3. Anonymous17/2/08 09:16

    Great save. That will teach them to steal your photos.

  4. NO wonder my kids won't eat those things, I've been dishing them up with the vegetables and all this time they should have been put with strawberries and icecream!!!!

    Which now explains pumkin pie LOL


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