9 February 2008


This week's Scatterday is brought to you by the indignant, indigo, italic letter i!
The categories are: Australian, Yellow, and Things that you would find in the air.
I have 3 photos covering the 3 categories this week. Each has a slightly iffy category requirement.
First up is a map of Australia (in yellow) out of my Australian printed and published atlas.
Australia is an Island Continent, with the Indian Ocean off the western coast.
Being an island continent, and isolated for so long, we have many unique indigenous animals and indecidious trees.
One of our immediate neighbours is Irian Jayaa, which is part of the Islamic nation, Indonesia.
The atlas has an index, which lists places like Innaminka, Iluka, Inverell, Mt Isa, Isaac River, Innisfail and Inglewood.
The yellow indicator pin shows where I live.
It is being held in the air by a hand, just as it would be in infants school.

Second up is a photo of an instrument panel in a small plane. This was taken up in the air during my DHs trial flight. That's him on the right, wearing a yellow imported shirt. On the left is his Australian Aviation Instructor.

Thirdly, we have another imported yellow shirt, which has been made for Australian Industrial wear. This is often in the air, hanging from the clothesline.


  1. Yes, yes - loving all of these. Very clever. And everyone has such different ideas - excellent!

  2. Looks like you had just as much fun with your Atlas as I did with Inventions... this Scatterday lark isn't just fun it's very educational as well LOL

    Word Verification... I can't stop now Lindi! dkspj

    Do Kids Spy Parents on Junkets!

  3. I love visiting your Scatterdays Lindi, so entertaining - you are a genius!

  4. I always leave you and Cinzia 'til last so I can finish with a good laugh. As usual, your Scatterdays is very clever. You must fall asleep at night dreaming all this up.

  5. Very clever scatterdays - Never thought of atlas things - and we see so much of that industrial yellow clothing now - dah! its so obvious when you read everyone elses choices.

  6. Scatterdays look fun. Maybe we will join in too.

  7. Thhis seems fun! Thankyou for visiting my blog, & leaving me a comment.

    Royal pain not yet proving very brave.