8 February 2008

Word verification

I just love those letter combinations that we have to type in sometimes for verification of our comments. Some are ordinary, but some really crack me up.
I just had one on someone's blog comment box that inspired me to do a post.

The letters were exsey.

Now what is your first thought at that combo? Hmmm?

So, I thought I'd play a game. Leave a "comment" on this post using the letters that appear for your verification. Make a sentence/phrase out of them, as you do for car number plates. Type it in the comments box for us all to see, then next week, we'll vote for our favourite. (I'll post for that on Friday) You can have more than one go, if you want. The more the merrier!

There'll be a little giftie for the winner!


  1. hahaha sexey ummmm better go behave myself and think of something else.

  2. Super Pennie Jumps Up Without Laughing... (an impossible feat seeing jumping isn't on my agenda! )

    OR... because I typed in the wrong letters...

    Bossy Old Sheila Queens It Here & Inside.

  3. Little punk newly kissed looky looky looky - LOL, great idea Lindi. Now to see if it's right, one (or more) of those L's could be an I.

  4. My letters are agbawa. It sounds like the place Aladdin lives.

    That first one exsey - that's what you say when something costs a lot of money it's exsey.

  5. Nutty Darling Lindi's Fun Package!

  6. Anonymous9/2/08 10:37

    Sexagenarians Eat All Good Jam Quickly

    And I am a Sexagenarian!!!

  7. I get it now - I am meant to make up something with my letters agbawa. Well that's A Great Big Ass With Attitude - a good description of moi LOL.

    Now this post is dwgatq. Do We Guffaw Asks The Queen?

  8. Great Heights Will Get Huge Yodels.
    Haha, fun game.

  9. Pennie left this on another post. Cracked me up so much, I had to share it!

    "Oh Gawrd there's a hard Word Verification... nnzsenuu

    No nonsense zombies see everything new under undies LOL

  10. My word verification - ylhopft

    Young Lindi Happily Organises Purposefully Fun Things

    Well I put in the wrong letters so now I have another to do. LOL

  11. In my other life I teach primary children.
    We often make up funny sentences with the children for handwriting practice or to teach sounds. Kids love it!

    Ok my letters are
    Red dogs rarely jump gates.


  12. I'll vote for Liz as you keep us occupied with Purposefully Fun Things

  13. I am the use to be exseyist quilter, now I am a grandma, enjoy your grandchild. There is nothing like it. My grandson Connor has lived with me since he was 2 yrs. old, he is 9 yrs. now. One of the best things that has happened to me. Elaine